Is-Was; Practise of Memory
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        leena aboutaleb, at your grace

            leena aboutaleb is an Egyptian and Palestinian writer based between Amman and Cairo. leena is in line with the Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, with more information at this link, and a letter of solidarity with demands by Writers in Solidarity with Palestine. Her writing is only accessible on platforms who are in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation.  

              She is a Copy Editor at Logic(s) in New York City. She is available for freelance communications and editoral work. Please access the contact form below for further inquiries.

                Her writing has appeared in Third Text Online, Mizna, LIFTA Volumes, Poetry London, Strange Horizons, Poetry.Onl, Poetry Ireland Review and others. Her chapbook ‘Expeditions of Projection’ was published by VIBE in 2022, a press based in Belfast, Ireland. She was a guest editor for the Palestine Print Issue alongside Zaina Alsous for Sumou, where they worked inside and along the lineage and practise of Palestinian memory. Her work has been anthologised in “Heaven Looks Like Us: Palestinian Poetry” (Haymarket Books), “We Call to the Eye & Night” (Persea Books) and “Letters to Mustafa” (Ghassan Kanafani Resistance, PYM). She has been nominated for Best Small Fictions 2023 and Best of the Net 2022. 

             She is an M.A. graduate in Media and Strategic Communications from the George Washington University, where she focused on Palestinian temporality and language-making. Her thesis ‘Is-Was: Temporalities, Hauntings and Al-Faragh’ was formally published in January 2022, observing the temporal livelihood of symbols in the making of Palestinian language.

            For all formal inquires and/or plot-thickeners, please contact Leena here.

Be safe and don’t let the insurgents bite xoxo


We can understand them: love in all its forms is the most important matter that we will ever face, but also the most dangerous, the most unpredicatable, the most maddening. But it is also the only salvation I know of.

︎ Etel Adnan, The Cost for Love We Are Not Willing to Pay