Is-Was; Practise of Memory
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Chapter (13)
~ Sun-Kissed

The Palestine Issue is an attempt to preserve the memory of Palestine—its people and their voices, memories, and history. It also aims to amplify the joyful crevices; the hopes and dreams that make Palestinian liberation within reach. Fargo Tbakhi says the speculative “is real as dirt”, so, through a tender gaze, we dream this issue to be an attempt to archive—or birth a new archive—for Palestine.


leena aboutaleb is an Egyptian and Palestinian writer, primarily searching for fruiting trees to sleep under. She can be virtually located on Twitter.

Zaina Alsous is the author of the poetry collection A Theory of Birds (University of Arkansas Press, 2019), winner of the Norma Farber First Book Award and the Etel Adnan Poetry Prize, and the chapbook Lemon Effigies (Anhinga Press, 2017), winner of the Rick Campbell Chapbook Prize.


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